Welcome the New Year, Portuguese Style!

Take a look at some of the most famous Portuguese traditions when it comes to celebrating the beginning of a new year:

Firework displays

The Firework displays, commonly organized by local authorities, are a guaranteed attraction on bays, bridges and city centres.

12 raisins 12 wishes

It is the most popular New Year tradition which consists of eating 12 raisins during the 12 chimes, asking for wishes for the coming year.

Toast with Champagne

Twelve raisins in one hand and a flute of sparkling or champagne in the other. Toasting with champagne is believed to bring vitality and health.

New Blue Underwear

Every year after Christmas there is a rush to underwear shops to buy blue underpants. The blue colour is associated with harmony and believed that attract good luck all year round.

Money in hand, pocket or feet

Following the Eastern belief that energy enters the body through the feet, many do not dispense with spending a midnight note on a shoe, pocket or hand.

Dive into the Sea

Countless people enter in the cold water on the morning of January 1 to fulfil this tradition believing it hardens the bones, gives health and purifies the spirit.

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