How is Social Media affecting the hospitality industry?


Over the past few years social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others have revolutionized how businesses interact with consumers. Hotels and companies within the hospitality industry must have an understanding on how to deliver their messages via the social media channels if they are to compete in today´s business environment.

Many businesses have now started to offer promotions or offers via their social media pages to their clients this is the number one way to promote their business and products online other than their own web page. This also highlights trust between the customer and business.

One of the most significant impacts that social media has had on businesses today is the growing importance of customer reviews. A good review can generate business however a negative review can drive custom away very easily.

With millions of users now online and using social media for research purposes before contacting businesses or purchasing products, companies need to be social media savvy and on the ball to handle all reviews, requests and services.

One great potential advantage of social media is that guests are more than willing to share their experiences and information about their likes and dislikes. By using analytic methods hoteliers and other hospitality businesses can find out what it is exactly that their guests are looking for.

Social media has affected essentially every industry across the world however concentrating on the travel and tourism sector we all know that hotels, travel companies plus others depend mainly on the use of word of mouth to spread their opinions and using social media platforms is now the easiest way of doing this. If a potential client, looking to purchase a holiday sees a bad review online then they are 90% less likely to book their stay there. A recent study showed that 52% of travelers changed their plans after researching online their planned destination.

To stay ahead of the game those in the hospitality industry must research and keep up to date with all the social media platforms. There are many free marketing opportunities that small, medium and large businesses do not want to miss out on via social media.  When a hotel is not present on at least one of the social media platforms it misses out on many potential clients.

The hospitality industry is always growing and changing and as the tourism sector grows more and more hotels face larger competition and must create larger networks in order to attract guests.

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