5 Tips For Taking Incredible Travel Photos

1. Study Your Destination

Good travel photography starts way before you arrive at your destination. It starts off at home, where you should research the location that you’re visiting.


Spend a bit of time finding out about local landmarks, interesting architecture and areas of natural beauty that would make good subjects and locations for your photos.

Use the internet and travel guides to find out as much as you can about the region, culture, weather, and any interesting events or festivals that might be going on while you’re visiting.

You should also check whether there are any dress codes, as well as other local rules and laws. Learn about the country’s religion and culture beforehand so that you don’t commit any mistakes or cause offense in the country you’re visiting.

2. Take a Step Back

As you’re traveling, one of your primary goals as a photographer is to take in the sights. You’re likely to encounter many breathtaking views that you’ll want to remember just as they were through your eyes.

What this means on a practical level is that you should pack your wide angle lens. If you’ve been meaning


3. Don’t Forget to capture Faces

The single best way to re-experience the events and emotions of your vacation years after is through the faces of the family and friends who were there. It’s well worth it to miss the shot of Mickey Mouse walking by if you can instead capture the expression on your three year old’s face as it happens.PL_8289HR

4.Avoid the Cliché

As you visit new and exciting places, resist the urge to just throw people in front of something and snap a picture; or at the very least, just don’t stop there. As a photographer you should consider yourself an artist and should therefore aspire to present content in a unique manner that reflects your specific style.

A couple of photos of your family plastering fake smiles on their faces while posing rigidly in front of monuments is nice, but nowhere near the potential of what you could be bringing home. Try instead to create clever poses and compositions that you won’t see in the photo libraries of everyone who has ever been to that place.

 5. Use The Instagram Community


Purchasing a good travel guide book is important for many people, but it’s also interesting (and free) to check out what the Instagram Community has to say about your chosen destination.

Let your followers know where you’re going next and ask for personal opinions about locations to visit, places to eat, and what to see and photograph in that area.

Each destination has its clichés, as well as hidden secrets off the beaten track. Search for local Instagramers to see what and where they shoot. If possible, speak to them to get inside knowledge of their favorite places to photograph.

The Instagram mobile photography community is a friendly place, and you’re sure to find people who will be happy to help you find great locations to shoot. You never know, they might even offer to meet up and show you the sights!

Feel free to share with us your experiences!

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