Christmas Desserts around the world

Christmas dinner usually consists of particular foods, although of course, may vary from region to region, or even family to family. There are many ways to prepare Christmas meal, and perhaps there is a slightly different recipe for every family that does so. As far as the main course is concerned, again, this may vary. Here are some Christmas deserts that may be of interest and makes every country apart, though.

 Mince pie: 

After the Christmas cake, the next most popular treat to serve during the Christmas holiday in Britain has to be mince pie. Back again are the fruits and spices, this time held together with suet and wrapped in light, melting pastry.

Should you wish to ring the changes from the traditional, then try a Frangipane Mince Pie. While this may be similar to the traditional mince pie, it also has a very welcoming cover of almond flavored cake-like topping providing a unique flavor combination.



Rabanadas are one of many traditional desserts that are served in Portugal for Christmas. I can describe them as being a very moist rich slice of fried crusty bread, a bit like the “pain perdu” of the French cuisine. Warm or cold, as a dessert or for Christmas day’s breakfast they are always present on my family table. I have great memories of the preparation of “rabanadas”.



Invented centuries ago in a small Spanish town named Jijona, Turrón de Navidad has become the classic Spanish treat of the holidays. The Moors would get the raw, organic honey needed for the dish from the wildflowers growing on the mountainside. It’s been around for over 500 years for a reason: it’s that good! If you’re in Madrid for the holidays, this simple, easy-to-make Christmas treat is a MUST!


Fruit cake:

Fruit cake is a rich dense cake packed with dry fruits and nuts flavored with spices usually made during Christmas. In India, this is found everywhere during Christmas season, although it is also available commonly throughout the year.


Italian amaretti cookies:

Simple, sweet and timeless, these Italian amaretti almond cookies are sure to please holiday guests this season. Made with only six ingredients — almond meal, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, almond extract and pearl sugar for the topping — these mini sweets are said to be able to last for up to 10 days, though it is hard keeping them around for longer than ten hours. Understandable!



Danish risalamande:

A popular holiday dish served by the Danish, this risalamande is well worth the effort. Translating into English as “rice with almonds,” this sweet dessert has a similar texture to that of risotto or rice pudding, though it features whipped cream, short-grain rice, chopped almonds and one whole almond included. And, if you’re keeping with tradition: The guest who finds the whole almond in his or her bowl is rewarded with a small gift.


German vanillekipferl:

A long-established favorite in Germany and Austria, these crescent-shaped cookies are shaped by hand and sprinkled with powdered sugar while still warm out of the oven, giving them a seasonal, snowy look.


Mexican butter cookies:

These Galletas con chochitos, commonly known in the states as Mexican butter cookies, are easy to make and sure to be a hit at the Christmas cookie decorating table this year! Soft and buttery with a fluffy texture, these bite-sized treats are similar to traditional sugar cookies with colorful sprinkle toppings and chill time needed before baking.


Celebrate the Festive Season with Muthu hotels around the world with family, friends and colleagues and enjoy special Christmas desserts.


It is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas in style and have a beautiful time by the beach or in the snow. Jingles and Christmas carols at Muthu hotels will keep you entertained for the evening and the scrumptious Christmas dinner with a traditional local wine and dessert with your family is a lovely finishing touch to a grand Christmas evening. Visit us at any of our properties to enjoy this auspicious time. 


Muthu Clube Praia Da Oura:

Muthu Clube Praia Da Oura has a lovely dessert buffet of Assorted Cheese, Seasonal Fruit, Almond Cake, Custard- rice pudding with cinnamon or a lovely Selection of Macarons and Nougats. 


Muthu Newton Hotel:

Muthu Newton Hotel has a treat of Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Cream Sauce, Raspberry Cranachan, Shortbread Biscuit Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toffee Sauce, Chocolate Profiteroles ChantillyCream and Chocolate Sauce or Coffee and Mince Pies.


Muthu Clumber Park:

Muthu Clumber Park caters delicious desserts of lemon posset, lemon curd, freeze dried raspberries, dark chocolate and orange crème Brulee Christmas pudding with rum sauce, mulled berry compote with Tea, coffee, and mini mince pies.


To visit us any of these 3 hotels check out for the menu and book your Christmas and New year getaway trip here.






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