Medieval And Historical Festivals, Europe

There’s something so special in medieval festivals.

It’s that breath of old times, and a unique time machine that gives you an insight on the way of life that was couple of hundred years ago.

That is why every visit to this kind of a festival is a lesson from history in practice, mixed with fun and experience that you certainly won’t forget.

It feels like time travel is possible when you attend one of the many historical and medieval festivals held throughout Europe.

These festivals truly transport you back in time.


Obidos Medieval Market:-

This Medieval Market provides visitors with the chance to travel back in time.

Held in the charming and picturesque village of Obidos, This Portugal festival is open on Thursdays to Sundays between July and August.

At this four-day festival Portuguese artisans and merchants travel from far and wide to attend; adding to the incredible medieval atmosphere. Partaking in a medieval supper is a festival highlight.

In the Middle Ages, there were two main meals eaten per day – one late morning and the other around dusk. Prepare to be indulged with the meal staples of bread, meat and wine enhanced and seasoned with citrus juices, olive oils, butter, and spices.

To fully enter into the festive spirit, you really need to dress the part. Costumes are available to hire locally.

The main activities take place next to the castle. And here you’ll encounter minstrels, jugglers, noblemen, beggars and dancers,

All in among the market stalls selling everything from traditional remedies through medieval costumes.


Grand Fauconnier Medieval Festival, France:-

The most famous festival in Cordes sur Ciel is the medieval festival, Grand Fauconnier.

Every July, people from all over France (and Europe) come to see the transformation of the city Cordes into a place from the Middle Ages.

With all kinds of entertainments like costumes, music and dance, falconry that are appropriate for the medieval time age.

Grand Fauconnier is a two day festival in middle of July.

These two days you can watch jugglers, street performers, knights and dancers; listen to the music of that time; participate in plays, banquets and costumed street parade throughout the city.

What’s interesting is that the whole city really travels through time during the Grand Fauconnier festival.


Ferie Messium,Medieval Festival:-

Held in the third weekend of June each year in the ancient town San Gimignano, Italy,

The town evokes it’s past when celebrating the three-day Medieval Festival in the heart of Tuscany.

In 1993 a local association decided to hold a festival to help revive the ancient town of San Gimigano.

It’s now an annual feast celebrated by the entire population.

Highlights of the festival include the grand parade, where the traditions on display are symbolic of the relationship between the earth and its fertility.

There is also a Tug of War race held for the men and the Race of the Braid for women.

Horses play a significant role in the festivities with the horse races and the subsequent blessing of the horses of the four districts being a focal part of the Festival.

Festival also has birds of prey demonstrations and a medieval market round out the festival offerings.


The European Medieval Festival, Horsens:-

This festival is an annual festival that takes place always on the last weekend in August in Horsens, Denmark.

It’s a unique journey to the past, organized in the former prison “FÆNGSLET” – truly amazing place for all activities that this festival has to offer.

Horsens City, with its history of more than 570 years, is probably the best host of this festival with the purposes of achieving historical awareness among modern society people; an amazing experience for children, and a place of festive and fun for Horsens citizens and its guests.

Guests of all ages are encouraged to participate in the countless workshops offered by skilled craftsmen / women.

Children will learn medieval dances and wear the garments of the Middle Ages while learning about the medieval history of the Templars.

Exhibitions of medieval artillery and weapons, clothing, dance and full re-enactments of the daily life in the Middle Ages takes place in the Town Hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento).


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