Have Lots of Fun in the Carnival!

The Carnival is a festival celebrated on Western Christianity that takes place before Lent. It is celebrated in February or early March and involves parties and other forms of collective expression, where costumes and masks are used allowing the loss of the individual and expression of a high sense of social unity.

Parades with floats satirizing with public figures and other social events, circus elements, samba are some of the forms of expression during this period of partying and fun.

The Tenerife Carnival 2018 (Canary Islands – Spain)

The modern Carnival, made up of parades and costumes, is a product of twentieth-century Victorian society. The city of Paris was the main export model of the carnival parties for the world. Rio de Janeiro has created and exported the carnival style with parades of samba schools to other cities around the world.

Loulé Carnival – 2018 (Algarve – Portugal)
Funchal Carnival – 2018 (Madeira – Portugal)

Join this party and have fun during this fun period. The Carnival in 2019 will be the 5th of March but the celebrations and celebrations begin as usual the previous Friday.

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