How to write an effective hotel review?

Writing a hotel review has become a worthy habit that most travelers have acquired and is fundamental to help other potential travelers to consciously decide on the choice at the time of booking.

On the other hand, the hotels use the information collected in the reviews for a better perception of the opinions of their guests, allowing an improvement in the quality of their services.

In this way writing a good hotel review is important for all the participants and we leave here some considerations to have:

  1. Choose the sites where you want to write a review;
  2. Introduce yourself and identify the reason for your trip;
  3. Inform the type of accommodation and travel dates;
  4. Be concise and descriptive in your review, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your experience, avoiding irrelevant details.
  5. Add photos taking into account the context and allowing the identification of the place where it was taken.
  6. Finish the review by informing other readers whether or not you recommend the hotel.

We value every feedback from our guests and offer a relaxing stay at any of our hotels.

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