8 Must-Have Free Apps To Use On Vacation!

Technology has taken hold of our lives in such a way that it is increasingly difficult for us to disconnect. Why not take advantage of it. Here are eight essential apps to use during your holidays!


Uber is one of the most familiar brands when it comes to transportation or avoiding expensive commuting; with all the benefits and comfort this service is available in more than 150 countries.

XE Currency

Learn how much worth the item you want to buy in your currency. This currency converter allows to be used without an internet connection and is particularly precious when it comes to spending money in a foreign country!

Google Drive

Keep a copy of your personal and travel documents in the cloud and access from any terminal with internet access. Set up your mobile phone to automatically back up your photos and videos.


Through your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can make free calls to other users. What differentiates this application from others like Whatsapp or Messenger is that you can charge your account with credits and make calls and send messages to any part of the world at a low cost.

Google Translate

With this simple application, you can overcome the language barrier or learn some phrases in the local language.

Google Maps

Your best friend on the go and one of the best navigation apps. Google Map provides you with the best routes on foot, by car or on public transport, signals other relevant information such as points of tourist interest or transit status during the journey and allows you to download specific maps for offline use.


TripAdvisor allows you to explore virtually everything related to your trip, through its guides and millions of reviews, photos and comments made by other users. The discussion forums give you access to other tourists allowing direct discussion and clarification of your questions


This tool allows you to plan multimodal transport trips. Learn how to plan a long-distance flight or a single local trip using the various means of transportation available in the area where you are.

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