How to become an Eco-Friendly Tourist?

It is now a fact that tourism is affecting the environment and is therefore also affected by climate change. If you are driven by an Eco friendly thought and are looking for some information to making that effort, here are some small changes to be adapted to endure an environment friendly behaviour!

Here are some ideas on how you can contribute to a better future by helping the environment while enjoying your well-deserved vacation:

Choose how to get to your destination!

While the airplane is the most comfortable way to travel long distances, it is also the most polluting. See other alternatives like the train or the bus. If you have to go by plane, choose direct flights or with a few stopovers as possible (CO2 emissions are higher in the landing and take-off process).

Eating & Drinking…

Think about avoiding the use of plastic. Start by purchasing loose food and not already packed; using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles; using cloth carry bags instead of the use of plastic bags;

On the other hand, drinking a Spanish beer in the Middle East has a more significant environmental impact than tasting the local beer. With this principle, choose to buy local and seasonal products.

Enjoy your accommodation as if you were at home!

Enjoy and enjoy all the facilities of your accommodation in the same way as you would in your house. Namely not changing sheets or towels daily (unless if necessary for other obvious reasons), avoiding the use of the amenities packed in single units, keeping the lights off when not in the room or even leaving the air conditioning on with the doors and windows open.

Shopping & Souvenirs…

Choose to buy local products, besides helping the local economy this action contribute to lower carbon emission. The production and transport of imported products are usually much more polluting.

There is always something else to do!

Interact with the local community, whenever possible, encourage environment-friendly behaviour, help plant a tree, participate in public campaigns for cleaning beaches or parks. There are so many simple ways, little by little, we can all together Make a Difference – Get Involved!

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