5 Curious Christmas & New Year Traditions in Spain

Christmas & New Year are celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show. We are widely aware of the common traditions, such as the rich gastronomy and religious celebrations, but Spain celebrates Christmas in some very unique ways.

Discover some of the traditions of the festive season in Spain:

There is no Santa Claus in Spain!

Traditionally, Spanish children wait 12 more days to receive their Christmas gifts, since in Spain it is not Santa Claus who distributes the gifts but the Magi on the 6th of January. Despite this tradition, many families today exchange gifts on both Christmas and Kings Day for the higher joy of children!

Cavalgata de Reyes

Cavalgata de Reyes, celebrated on the 5th of January, is a parade of floats and extravagant decorations, disguises, masks, music and lots of candy thrown into the air to the children.

El Gordo – The Christmas Lottery

The extraction of the Christmas lottery or “El Gordo” is one of the most anticipated moments of the year and is entitled to television broadcast on the 22nd of December. The selected numbers are sung in a very particular way by children, and the prize is one of the highest in the world.

Grapes for Good Luck

Moments before the countdown, the Spaniards prepare their 12 grape berries, eating each one to the sound of the 12 chimes that marks the new year beginning. They say this tradition brings good luck to each month of the year!

April Fool’s in December

Many countries celebrate the day dedicated to harmless pranks and lies on the 1st of April. Spain celebrates on the 28th of December – in Día de los Santos Innocentes.

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