Comedy, Crime & Mystery at Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel!

Following the successes of previous years, the Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel in Ipswich presents two fantastic events!


14th March 2020 – 7.00 pm

The Trotters have booked the function suite at Fawlty Towers for Del Boy’s 50th Birthday Party (Del doesn’t know).
Basil is not happy, but he is fully aware of the Trotters’ reputation.
What can possibly go wrong? Come along and find out!

Tickets: £ 35.00 per person including 3-course meal
Accommodation Package: on request


2nd May 2020 – 7.00 pm

The Belstead Brook Hotel is the ultimate couples retreat, with acres of grounds to roam in, luxury spa treatments and ‘Michelin Star’ quality dining. It is a blissful picture, until a body is found floating in the hot tub. Determined to avoid another bad TripAdvisor review (He swears that trifle was still in date), the irascible hotel manager decided to solve the crime himself. As he begins his investigation, it is clear this lovely hotel has more than a few coat hangers hiding in the closet. With traitorous staff, incompetent service and impromptu yoga sessions, this is a reservation you’ll never forget! Direct from the West End, join Moonstone Murder Mysteries and Muthu Hotels for an evening packed with plot-twists, suspicious suspects and plenty of red herrings along the way! Tonight, you are the detectives, and it’s your job to crack the case before it’s too late.

Ticket: £ 35.00 per person including 3-course meal
Accommodation Package: on request

Tickets can be booked, with or without accommodation, by phone at +44 1473 684 241, by email to or in person at Reception.

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