Safe Halloween Celebration during CoVid times

The world has changed a lot during the current year, but the desire to celebrate customs and traditions remains! Many parents have started to think about how to provide fun moments of sharing and socializing that Halloween represents for their children, adopting the appropriate measures of social distance.

Check out some suggestions so that children can enjoy Halloween to the fullest without taking unnecessary risks during this pandemic:

Candy Exchange

Organize with other parents without the kids knowing to promote the exchange of a basket full of sweets and a postcard left at the door. Kids would love to receive sweets and this is a simpler way to avoid the traditional walk around the neighborhood and it’s a great way for them to connect by drawing something on the postcard.

Virtual Pumpkin Sculpture Contest

This is a great suggestion for involving parents and children in the creative process. Share this activity with your neighbors or friends through a conference call (through zoom or another platform) and promote a final vote to select the best sculpture.

Family Theme Film Marathon

Decorate your backyard or living room and promote a Halloween movies marathon in the family. Click here for a suggestion of thematic films.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

If you have several children at home, Halloween treasure hunting is a creative and fun idea for the whole family. Draw cards with tips and hide sweets in different parts of the house. Kids will love every candy they find.

Trick or treat?

If you really want to provide the parade through the neighborhood and in order to avoid social contact, decorate the front of your house and place the sweets outside so that the children can take their favorite sweets. If you insist on delivering the sweets by hand and thus avoid the trick do not forget to use facial mask.

Celebrate Halloween in a safe and fun manner, stay safe.

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