Finding a wedding venue is the most stressful job. Each wedding hotel comes with its own pros and cons. Here is a list of six reasons why you should book a hotel for a wedding.

1. Tailor-made services to suit your needs
Booking a hotel lets you enjoy yourself without having to worry about anticipating everything your guests might need. The hotel provides you with the best of services and a team of professionals that ensure that you and your guests are treated in the best possible way. You can easily provide out-of-town guests with rooms so they can stay overnight at the exact wedding location. Also, brides can pamper themselves in separate and special suites to get ready with their bridesmaids for the special day.

2. Professional & personalized attention
While some hotels provide an endless choice of caterers, others have their own set menus for your special day. You don’t have to worry about all these hassles when an expert team is always at your service. You can enjoy yourself with your loved ones to the fullest.

3. Complimentary services
You can make your guests feel like a vacation when welcomed with special drinks and other services by the hotel. Everyone likes to be pampered and that’s what hotels do. As you go about your wedding day, you and your bridal party will enjoy the ease of strong Wi-Fi that allows for communication between wedding planners, photographers, and family members. In some hotels, you can even get a spa and other leisure services.

4. Enjoy nearby amenities for a full weekend of fun
Most hotels are situated near beautiful locations or shopping centres. For out-of-town guests, this provides a nice weekend getaway where they will be able to explore the sights and try new restaurants and breweries, which only adds to the magical wedding celebration.

5. Simplify the wedding day with one location
Having wedding vows, meals, drinks, & stay in one place- you’re all set to enjoy the fullest. Another most hectic element of any wedding is the mad rush after the ceremony as guests travel to the reception venue (and struggle to find parking). All that added chaos is removed when your reception is in the same building as your ceremony.

6. Versatile spaces for wedding festivities
Whether you want to have a bachelor and bachelorette party the night before the wedding or host the rehearsal dinner; hotel spaces are versatile to suit your needs.

Choosing a hotel as your wedding venue has so many benefits. The Muthu Newton hotel is the best wedding hotel in Scotland to experience a memorable wedding day. You can relax, not having to rush back and forth to decorate multiple venues or make sure the flowers were delivered to the right spot. Let our hotel staff do the hard work so that you can be fully present and enjoy getting married.

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