Portugal, the Sunshine Winter Destination

Did you know, Portugal has been voted the “Best Tourist Destination in Europe” for the fifth time in a row in the World Travel Awards 2022, also known as the Oscars of tourism?

This winter, plan to visit Portugal, the sunshine winter destination and explore the islands with the verdant mountains, exquisitely lovely vineyards and little lanes with singers. Overall, Portugal is a perfect destination to have an enjoyable and sunny winter. Let’s explore what makes Portugal worth visiting in the winter season.

Weather in winter:

Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, hence its winter season is often pleasant and warm. During the day, the average high temperature reaches 15°C and lowers to 8°C at night. Portugal, the sunshine winter destination has an average of 300 sunny days a year. The weather in December may also bring some rain and snow but it depends on which region you are travelling to. The Algarve region in the south is the warmest and driest, whereas the northern regions of the country see greater yearly precipitation and colder temperatures. If you’re looking forward to a trip full of activities, Portugal is quite suitable in the winter season because of its dual weather conditions.

As Portugal has an average of 300 sunny days a year, many people from other European countries choose Portugal for a long stay. They visit Portugal in winter and stay there for one or more months to get rid of the chilling weather. MGM Muthu Hotels offer an exciting Long Stay Offer for visitors who wish to stay in Portugal for 28 days or more.

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Why visit Portugal in winter?

Winter is the perfect time of the year to experience authentic Portugal when you can discover a deserted beach in the Algarve or explore the country without the summer tourist crowds. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Portugal in winter.

·         One of Portugal’s best wintertime features is that the country is not completely obscured by clouds, setting it apart from other European nations. The country doesn’t even experience freezing temperatures in the winter, making it tolerable for visitors to enjoy the vacation. Although it snows in the interior regions, the coasts are bathed in brilliant sunshine. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider booking a trip to Portugal in December.

·         The best perk of winter is that it’s the least expensive time of year to travel to Portugal. The perfect time to book a last-minute city break, a luxury hotel at a steep discount or a cheap flight.

·         Whether it’s golfing in Vilamoura, hiking along the Costa Vicentina, biking in the eastern Algarve, or surfing at Sagres, the winter is an excellent time to take an active vacation in southern Portugal.

·         It’s the ideal season to tour or have a campervan vacation in southern and eastern Portugal. Rental cars are the most affordable option, the roads will be vacant and hotels and campgrounds have plenty of rooms. Lisbon and Porto, the two major cities, are lively and bustling in the winter for Christmas celebrations. The southern Algarve coastline will always have the best weather in winter.

Activities available in the winter:

Portugal, the sunshine winter destination offers a pleasant winter season with an abundance of sunshine throughout the country. With an average of over 300 sunny days each year, winter can occasionally feel more like spring here, so you should always have your shades on hand. You can usually find plenty of things to keep you busy, and some areas have a particular charm at this time of year.

Strolling on the beach

Any time of year is a fantastic time to take a stroll down the beach, but during low season you get the added benefit of not having to share the area with many other beachgoers. There are numerous beaches where you can truly give yourself over to the delights of strolling because they extend as far as the eye can see. You can have the nine kilometres of sand on Porto Santo, a Madeiran island or Comporta in the Alentejo. However, there are countless options available everywhere you travel in Portugal, whether on the mainland or the islands, as there are too many beaches to count. Alternatively, you can also opt for ‘ecovias’, such as Vila Nova de Gaia, Cascais, the Estrada Atlântica or the Rota Vicentina, where you can enjoy a view of the sea as you walk or cycle.


Surfing is always a wonderful option when it comes to action-packed sports, especially considering how long Portugal’s coast is and how often there are good waves. For everyone, from total beginners to the finest in the world, the variety of natural conditions guarantees amazing experiences. It’s even said that no other shoreline in the world has as many locations spread out for surfing as Portugal.


A solid round of golf is something you shouldn’t miss. Portugal, the sunshine winter destination has some of the best golfing conditions in the world, particularly on the courses in the Algarve and along the Estoril Coast, which is frequently booked solid throughout the winter and has frequently been named among the best-golfing locations in Europe and the globe.

Boat trips

Whether it’s the Douro River’s World Heritage-listed landscape or the stunning Lisbon cityscape as seen from the Tagus, a river cruise is a fantastic way to unwind. And when the weather and water conditions permit, boat rides are also available along the shore. These boat trips offer amazing glimpses of birds, dolphins and other wildlife.

Culture and Heritage

Take the chance to see the historical city centres, monuments and museums of Portugal. Some of the museums are regarded as global heritage. View the cutting-edge structures produced by well-known architects and be in awe of the urban art that has turned public spaces into true open-air museums.

Gastronomy and Wines

The Mediterranean Diet is classified as a world heritage and Portugal is one of the countries where you can find it. The fish and shellfish from the coastal waters are a feast of flavour and freshness. Be sure to sample convent sweets too, such as the world-famous pastel de nata (custard tart), one of the trademarks of Portuguese cuisine. Your meal will taste even better if paired with one of the excellent Portuguese wines. Since winter is a good time for wine tourism, you can pay a visit to the estates where wines are produced and learn about their origins.


The major cities of Portugal like Lisbon are renowned for their nightlife and entertainment. With a wide array of dining, clubbing and entertainment options, Portugal will never disappoint the party animal in you.

Every December, people visit Lisbon to enjoy the biggest Christmas celebration that lasts for the majority of the month. This event offers a variety of Christmas-themed activities to participate in as well as delectable food to eat at the expansive Parque Eduardo VII in Marquês de Pombal. The fairground rides, ice skating rink, Ferris wheel, visits with Santa Claus and an ice skating rink (not constructed of actual ice) are all part of the celebration.

Places to visit in Portugal in winter:

Portugal, the sunshine winter destination offers some lovely sites that you must visit to explore this beautiful country on your next trip:

  1. Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city is renowned for its delectable cuisine and inexpensive marketplaces. You must sample Pastel de Nata, one of the traditional Portuguese baked goods. There are many well-known locations there that you wouldn’t want to skip, including Alfama, Belem Tower, and Jeronimos Monastery. Walking across the city is the best way to get a feel for it and is quite easy to do. You can see a lot of fado singers while walking through the elegant city’s winding streets, which will transport you back in time to more idyllic days.

2. Ericeira

Whether you want to enjoy delectable seafood, daring surfing, or simply spend time by the sea, head towards Ericeira, a little fishing community that is simple to get to from Lisbon. It is situated on Portugal’s central coast and due to the country’s predominantly Mediterranean climate in December, surfing can be a great way to pass the time. Due to its excellent shoreline, Ericeira is regarded as Europe’s mecca.

3. Algarve

Algarve is well-known for its fashionable warm water baths, picturesque sightseeing and hiking excursions. Coming here will convince you that heaven is actually on earth. This place is a must-see for you if you enjoy playing golf alongside the seashore. The scenery in this area is stunning. Due to the abundance of bars, restaurants and hotels along the seaside, it is a perfect place to book your stay.

4. Óbidos

Bidos, one of the most romantic cities in Portugal to visit in December, is home to lovely white villas and gorgeous landscapes. Bidos is known as the ‘city of book lovers’ where you can get a wide collection of bookshops, flower shops and souvenir stores. You are going to adore this city if you visit during the winter season. You can go on book-reading dates while sipping speciality coffees at adorable tiny cafes. This location is specifically for lovers.

5. Serra da Estrela

Do you wish to remain in some snowy mountains? Then you really must go to Serra da Estrela, which is home to Portugal’s highest mountain range. Snowfall in the northern regions of Portugal during December makes Serra da Estrela the only location in Portugal that allows skiing. If you love snow then this is the place for you.

6. Madeira

This subtropical island is the best for going on hikes and relaxing by the water. You may feel the holiday spirit without getting cold in winter as it’s always summer in Madeira. The temperature usually remains around 20 ºC during the day and above 14 ºC at night in winter. Madeira is a very popular destination for New Year’s Eve. The award-winning fireworks of Funchal are worldwide known and became a Guinness World Record in 2007. You can enjoy trekking, surfing, whale and dolphin watching and try the famous Porto Moniz swimming pools in December. 

You can book your stay at Muthu Raga Madeira Hotel which is just a short distance away from the city center and has easy access to the Lido swimming pools and sea. The hotel is located in a lively area surrounded by a selection of shops, restaurants, cafés. 

7. Porto Santo Island

Do you want the absolute best weather to escape the harsh winter of mainland Europe? With very mild winters and pleasantly warm summers, this small but incredibly beautiful island offers a great winter destination to visit. Porto Santo is known for its gorgeous beach and warm water dive places where you can have fun in the sea. You can shop, walk, rest, eat delicious food, drink wine, dance the night away, visit museums, cathedrals and a UNESCO Old Town, and take the Porto wine-tasting tour and the Douro river cruise in winter. 

Now that you know why people call Portugal, the sunshine winter destination, it’s time to book your stay for winter and enjoy the bright sunny days with MGM Muthu Hotels. Check their offers and book it now.

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