Most Visited Locations By The LGBTQ Community In Cuba

If you’re looking for the most visited locations by the LGBTQ community in Cuba, then this blog is for you.

With its unspoiled white sand beaches, historic buildings and opulent squares, Cuba is a colossal ball of elusive magic. From contemporary architecture to cutting-edge art galleries, you’ll find here everything you need for fantastic Cuba holidays. Cuba is quite advanced and one of the most visited locations by the LGBTQ community when compared to other Caribbean islands. As a result, you can discover a lot of gay-friendly hotels in Cuba’s major towns, including Havana, Varadero, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco and Santiago de Cuba. LGBTQ visitors are cordially welcomed everywhere. Cuba even boasts an unofficial homosexual beach called Mi Cayito, which is located a little to the east of Havana. Salsa, rum, beaches and the combination of magnificent castles, museums and a hipster café and bars make it the most-liked travel destination by the LGBTQ community.

Best Hotel in Cuba for LGBTQ+ Community:

Earlier there were no bisexual hotels in Cuba, the Gran Muthu Rainbow is the first LGBTQ-friendly hotel. It supports LGBTQ-friendly travel to Cuba. This five-star luxury hotel is located in Playa Playuelas, Cayo Guillermo, a well-known earthly paradise where everyone connects with nature, away from the ordinary to relax and recharge.

The rainbow flag, which serves as the official banner of gay pride around the world, flies above the entrance of the hotel and sways in the gentle Caribbean air.

The resort is a three-story all-inclusive hotel with 248 opulent rooms that come with private balconies or patios that provide views of the pool or the dazzling sea and are furnished with contemporary amenities. There are 4 bars and 7 restaurants (2 buffets, 5 “a la carte”).

The restaurants here serve a variety of gourmet food options ranging from Indian, Asian, Spanish and Cuban. Three bars are situated around the property – in the lobby, at the pool and on the beach, ensuring that you are never far from a refreshing cocktail or cold beer as you enjoy one of the many exclusive LGBTQ+ events that take place on the hotel grounds.

The Gran Muthu Rainbow Hotel offers a bright and airy atmosphere and caters directly to the LGBTQ+ community in Cuba and around the world.

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Most visited locations by the LGBTQ community in Cuba

Cayo Guillermo

Cayo Guillermo, a small island with its white-sand beaches, turquoise blue water and luxuriant mangrove has everything to be called a paradise. Be it travelling in a vintage car, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, tasting the finest quality Cuban cigar & vintage rum, or enjoying live shows at the theatre; this island won’t disappoint you.

The American writer Ernest Hemingway was taken away by the mesmerizing beauty of this Caribbean island and described it in his novel ‘Island in the Stream.’ It’s time for you to witness the beauty of this place with its all-inclusive 5-star LGBTQ+ hotel, the Gran Muthu Rainbow.

The many lagoons and marshes in the Jardines del Rey off the coast of Cuba are home to a flock of native pink flamingos, welcoming you to this tropical island paradise.


On the Hicacos Peninsula in Cuba, the tourist town of Varadero has more than 20 kilometres of beaches that run along the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most well-liked LGBT tourism destinations in Cuba.

Varadero has a lively nightlife that includes everything from beach bars to discos for visitors seeking a night out. Although none of them is explicitly gay clubs, Cuba’s friendly demeanour guarantees that all visitors will feel comfortable and enjoy the party environment.


The Eastern Cuban city of Holguin is renowned for its diverse terrain, which includes mountains, beaches and lush vegetation. Holguin is quite welcoming and gay-friendly, and there are several top-notch lodging options available. While snorkelers and scuba divers will enjoy the beautiful, tranquil water of the offshore coral reef, packed with colourful fish, Playa Guardalavaca is a fantastic beach area where dolphins and sea lions may be observed at the Cayo Naranjo Aquarium.

Holguin is ideal for an action-packed vacation because it offers a variety of activities and LGBTQ- friendly hotels.


Havana, the capital of Cuba is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world with a wide variety of gay pubs and clubs. In Havana, you may find both vibrant dance parties and comic drag shows, among other things.

Fashion Bar Havana, a club and bar offer guests a unique show that is a mix of drag, comedy and erotic dancing with some acrobatics thrown in as well. At the Cabaret Las Vegas, considered a “Gay National Landmark” in Cuba, guests can take in a performance from Divino, one of Cuba’s most well-known drag acts.

Spend the day lazing in the sun on Mi Cayito, the only openly homosexual beach in Havana. For a day’s fee, visitors can hire sun loungers and umbrellas and a tiny restaurant/bar located along the boardwalk offers customers snacks and cold drinks. Mi Cayito is an excellent day trip destination when staying in the city because it is conveniently reachable through a brief bus ride from Havana.

Santa Maria

Cuba has emerged as one of the gay-friendly destinations in Europe, welcoming homosexual travellers with open arms. Cayo Santa Maria, a little island off the coast of Cuba’s north, is no exception. Cayo Santa Maria is an enticing place that is quiet and safe and is well-known for its wildlife sanctuary, cultural events and immaculate beaches.

One of the most untouched beaches in the northern cays of Cuba is Playa Perla Blanca. Pure white sand and blue water that pools at the shore create a calm ambience. All visitors are welcome to sunbathe or snorkel among the coral at Playa Perla Blanca beach.

Cayo Santa Maria is a calm island that makes up for its lack of activity by providing a tranquil and soothing setting to take in Cuba’s natural beauty.

If you’re also planning for your dream holiday in Cuba then look no further just book your stay at the Gran Muthu Rainbow Hotel, a luxury LGBTQ+ resort in Cuba, surrounded by heavenly beaches with white sand and turquoise water.

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