Why your hotel business should be on Facebook


By now all hotels should have some sort of presence in the Social Media world and if they don’t then they are potentially missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business revenue. If the business is serious about being ahead of its competitors then taking the leap into the social media world is a must.

There are officially more people on Facebook than the entire population of the USA and 7% of the world is on Facebook.
Having a website that ranks well on a search engine is great but before potential guests or clients decide to go with a specific hotel they want to know what everyone else is thinking and Facebook is the place to find out the good and the bad. Experts suggest that Social Media channels like Facebook are taking preference over search engines as tools for searching.

People expect most reputable business´ to have a Social Media presence if not a big one at least a Facebook page and if they don’t it is assumed they are behind the times or does not take customer engagement as a priority.

The importance of Facebook for hoteliers is firstly that they are missing out on a big audience to sell themselves too and secondly is to migrate any negative comments or reviews that they may receive. Whether the business is on social media channels like Facebook or not they will be spoken about and the brand name will spread through the Facebook world like a wild fire.

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