Tech-Savvy Young Professionals And Bleisure Travel


keeping up with the trends of modern travelers is a must to hoteliers that want to keep updated. The Bleisure traveler concept is a new segment of the travel market in which travelers blend business and leisure.

Most of these travelers agree that they gain cultural experience while adding leisure days to their stay, which ends up adding value also to their work assignments. They usually have specific demands. Mostly aged under 35, they are young professionals who appreciate sightseeing, dining and arts and culture activities. They mostly use their tablets or smartphones and are typically very active on social media.

These bleisure travelers often use review sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, not only because they were brought up with sharing platforms as part of their daily life, but because they want quick answers and suggestions to enjoy the short time of their stay, in which they’re on their own.

For hotels it is a good opportunity to convert a business guest and have him extend its stay and become a leisure guest. According to research, more than half of bleisure travelers end up bringing their family members or loved ones with them for s short quality time together. They also tend to consider changing their stay from the corporate hotel, that applies a corporate rate, and move to a less corporate environment that ends up being more economic.

Hotel businesses have to rethink their facilities and rates to accommodate this type of guests and attend the need of this niche market. Add a more home alike ambiance and think of perks like unlimited Wi-Fi access can make the difference.


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