Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast are top priorities for travelers

Questioned about which are the most desirable amenities that they most value on a hotel stay, travelers have replied complimentary Breakfast, concerning hotel services, and Wi-Fi for in-room amenities.

According to the survey conducted by Hotels.com, having access to free Wi-Fi topped bathroom shower conditions, room size, TV facilities, air conditioning, coffee and tea, non-smoking rooms, premium bedding, daily housekeeping and mattress type.

This proves that now more than ever there is a need for constant connectivity. Free Wi-Fi has become more common and standard as time goes by, with an average of 64% of Hotels having it at the disposal of their guests. Heavily franchised hotels brands and luxury hotels have are still some of the exceptions to this fact, charging their guests for internet access.

The fact is that more and more guests are booking their hotels based on if they offer free Wi-Fi or not. Some choose offer only in specific places on the hotel, others offer for members only. Now, mobile apps for hotel bookings even offer filters based on the guests experience on using the internet at specific hotels.




  1. Dear reader, good article about the WIFI-wish from hotelvisitors. I’d like to add one extrapoint: as important for many is the speed of the connection.
    You write that free internet is important for your guests, does that mean that from now on WIFI is free in your hotels?
    Greetings from Holland, see you next year again,
    Ate Harsta


    1. Hi Ate Harsta,

      The WiFi is free in all communal areas of our hotels however should you wish to receive WiFi in your room there is a charge for this.


  2. I rate free parking at the top of my list. I absolutely hate booking a stay, only to find out that parking is $36 a night. #highway_robbery. I can use my phone or the hotel computers if necessary. Breakfast….I’m not a breakfast person, per se. But parking? Yes that is crucial for me.



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