Hotel renovations: how to address the hassle


Going through renovations in hotels can be a lot of extra work. Keeping guests happy is always a priority but when you are dealing with construction works many issues can put this relation at risk. It is up to the hotel to minimize the hassle and deal directly with the client.

There are plenty of benefits to investing in renovation works. Adding value to existing structures, create interest for new guests or a way of reinforcing  an existing brand with a more contemporary look are always good excuses even if some clients are not happy to deal with it.

There are many techniques you can use to help you address this issue. First of all, you should be honest with the client, before and during the process of construction work. Guests book hotels to have a temporary home away from home, so they have expectations that cannot be “dismantled” when they arrive. Placing an ad on your webpage or online booking sites while using and uplift tone in your message can have great results.

Provide details on what is happening in this process, choose to have an online template that can help both guest and also your employees to be equipped with answers to provide guests. An online platform can also help people can express their dislikes on this process nand help to ease the issue.

Use social media to get your message about the improvements being made. If people see things are happening and being dealt with fast they will be more satisfied. Post pictures of behind the scenes, old furniture vs new furniture, before and after pictures and spark the clients attention so that he feels compelled to come in the future to see the changes that were in the process of being completed when he visited the hotel.

Generating a positive buzz around the refurbishing works your hotel is undergoing will definitely make a stand for your brand and your customer relations.


  1. Well I am still waiting written confirmation for an exchange into Belstead Brook hotel. I would like directions and information on facilities. I am expecting 7 nights accommodation for 22nd November.
    I assume that you have been doing some renovations since you took it over
    If you are taking bookings better communication is needed. I received a phone call several weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since. Are you expecting us or not.


    1. Dear Ann,

      Here on the blog I am unable to help you with regards to your reservations. However if you have a contact name of someone that you have spoken to or a booking confirmation number or member number I can get in touch with the relevant person and arrange for immediate contact to be made. Many thanks.


    1. Hi Ate Harsta, here on the blog i am unable to give you that information however as soon as we are aware of any renovations we will be notifying our guests. If you like us on a Facebook you can receive all updates there also.


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