As the boat turned and bumped off of the waves in plain sight I could see a beautiful coastline and a pyramid shaped building. Having passed this building on a daily basis I was sure of what my eyes were seeing. It was the most beautiful I had ever seen it. The Clube Praia da Oura looked more magnificent then i had ever seen it. With the palm trees up high and the sun beaming down I truly was amazed by the sight that I had before me.

We asked the driver to go as close as possible so that we could take as many photos as possible. As my eyes drifted down the coast the Oura View Beach Club came into sight and again it looked just as beautiful as the Clube Praia da Oura.

For those who have not seen these hotels from the other side before I can honestly say it is very much worth it. With every turn of the head gives you yet another beautiful sight to see.

The sounds that surround you complement the views perfectly and to be able to just sit and take in everything in and reflect was something that I will never forget. That time was precious and to sit in pure silent was magical and breathtaking.

To put into words what I was seeing and feeling is very difficult. If you at anytime have the opportunity to take this trip I am sure that you will feel the same as I did.

The experience is very much worth every penny (or cent) and it is something that you will never forget and truly cherish.

Should you take an opportunity like this I hope that you will share your experience with us. 

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