A day at Sea – Vilamoura to Albufeira

Being it mid November I was expecting a rough, windy and cold trip out at sea but this couldn’t be any more different to what I did experience. The sun was shining beautifully and there was only a light breeze sweeping through my hair.  Having only lived in Albufeira a few months I  had not yet had the chance to venture to Vilamoura and experience the delights it has to offer. Arriving at the harbor my eyes widened as I took into sight the large scaled yachts and boats that were all docked and bobbing gently on the waters. I had no idea which boat I would be boarding but to be honest that wasn’t the most important part for me, I just wanted to be out on the water and to see the all the different things my eyes would see.

With  my camera at the ready we headed down to this medium sized yacht with comfy seating areas and a canopy it was amazing (and I was still yet to go downstairs!) My heart was beating fast at the sudden rush of adrenalin that I had, eager to get going and snap away at the beauty that awaited me. The engine started as I fidgeted in my seat with pure excitement. And we were off…!


Leaving the harbor was nice and smooth and I watched the other boats and yachts decrease in size as we slowly drifted further out. Even at the very start of my trip I got the  camera out to start shooting the wonderful sun as it bounced off of the surrounding buildings. Every inch i turned I saw something different.

Once we had excited the harbor our skipper put the throttle down and I had the wind in my hair and with the sound of the ocean right next to me I was in heaven. As I sat and took in the coastline (still snapping away) it gave me the opportunity to sit and think. You would be amazed by the sights that surround you, a time for reflection and thought with no disturbances and just your own thoughts.

The coastline began to get smaller and soon all that surrounded me was the Atlantic ocean. I thought to myself how many photos can you get of the ocean? But again with ever turn I made and with every positioned I placed myself on this glorious yacht I saw something new and different. Whether it be the crashing of a wave or how the sun reflected off a window it was a moment I didn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t miss capturing.

Every now and then our skipper would slow down so that we could lay on the back deck and just look out. This was one of the most relaxing positions to be in. However not somewhere I was brave enough to sit when at full speed.

In the distance the coastline began to show some more building and as we drew closer I was astounded by what was in front of me…

Read next weeks post to find out what my eyes were seeing…DSC_0093

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