Healthy working relationship


Having a nice atmosphere associated with your work space, is one the best ways to be productive at work. Having a good relationship with the other workers helps you to enjoy even more, your work, normally, people are more understanding and if something doesn’t come to an understanding, it’s most likely that in a good environment both sides will talk it down and come up with a solution that suits both sides. Focusing on opportunities is a side effect of working in a healthy environment, in spite of spending your energies overcoming issues related to negative relationships. Obviously having a good relationship is sometimes necessary to build up a career, if your boss doesn’t trust you or in your ability to find response to a certain problem, then surely he won’t think of you as a person to be promoted. When we are sometimes stressed out over work it’s hard to have neweverybody, just enough to when you get home, your head is clear to do whatever you do after work, and not think “I have to work there tomorrow…”.

If you still believe that a bad environment doesn’t influence your work rate and your personal life, then you are mistaken, people tend to show their emotions through their body expression. A method that will help you overcome some work related social disabilities, is to train your emotional intelligence (EI), this is the ability to understand and recognize your own emotions, and process them and understand what they are showing you.

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