MGM Muthu Hotels Charity Week

Last month the entertainment department decided to have a charity week during December.

The week consisted of gathering presents for the children aged 5-12 from Pirilampos and teenagers 12- 19 from Gaivota from Santa Casa da Misericordia. At CPO and OVBC reception Christmas Trees, they put paper stars on, on each of the stars there was a name of a person and their age.

A lot of our clients and staff wanted to participate so they choose one of the stars on the Christmas Tree and went and brought a present, once they brought they placed it under the Christmas with the star attached so they knew to whom to give the present to and they passed the gifts to the children to make their Christmas extra special this year.

On the 30th December a large amount of the entertainers went to deliver the presents to the homes, first stopping at Pirilampos Home for 5- 12 year olds where the children all sat calmly waiting for their names to be called, one by one they opened their presents with smiles of joy on their faces, once they were all opened (a majority being toys) they started to put all the pieces together with them help from Cristina, Nicola, Mauro, Luis, Grainne and Cristiano.

After an hour or so they had a small tour of the home where they visited the learning area, canteen, bedrooms, laundrette and outside play area. Then was time to leave to go to the next home of Gaivote for the older ones.

Once they got to Gaivote they went inside and met the teenagers who also sat calmly waiting for their names to be called and one by one opened their presents, gifts from new coats, skateboards, magic sets and make-up sets were much appreciated by all.

Whilst the Entertainer were in the area they had some free time so nipped into the Lar São Vicente Home of People with Disabilities to say hello and wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This was welcomed with smiles of joy while they also gave a small tour to their creative arts and crafts rooms

This was a wonderful joyous day for everyone involved with smiles of happiness all around. Many Thanks to everyone that was involved in making Christmas extra special for these children and teenagers this year.

This Christmas 2016 they plan on doing the same and also adding stars for the disabled people from the Lar São Vicente to receive presents aswell.


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