Enjoy your holidays


For any traveller around the world, one thing is of most importance to bring, an adequate mindset that will allow you to enjoy your vacations, and won’t permit concerning with unnecessary matters. This sometimes presents itself has an obstacle for us, despite our efforts to make the guests feel welcomed, we often forget that it doesn’t always depend of our excellence in service. Some guests just don’t have the appropriated mindset to be costumers, often they pick on little things and complain about it, things that don’t actually interfere with the guests vacations. These situations tend to be the hardest for the staff, because that unsatisfied guest will remain so, even if we solve all they problems, there will always be something to complain about the next day.

The best way to deal with these guests is just to patient, show some work done, and try to solve every situation, if possible. If you have noticed that the guest is upset, you will have to adjust your mindset so you can give 110% of you, to the current situation. This is what you need to know in how to be good at dealing with clientele; be assertive and sure of yourself, stay cool under pressure, some clients will get under your skin, some anger management skills will be needed so you can control your emotions and be has respectful has you can possibly be.

These are just some basic tips on how to handle difficult clients, if you have followed all of these tips and your guest still complains, ask him/her what you can do to make him happy. If it isn’t in your power, and the client leaves unhappy, don’t blame yourself you did everything thing you could do to make him/her happy.

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