Summer at the Beach

Sun, sand, and surf. What more could you want from a family beach vacation? Every summer millions of Europeans head for the beach to enjoy the sun and to cool down in refreshing clean water. Some play beach frisbee and beach cricket all summer. Others can swim from the lagoon and pools, browse the markets, visit a summer open-air cinema and dine at the restaurant in the sun.


Blue skies and lazy days on the beach is what summer is all about and there are many small beaches along the creek with their own special appeal. Their sandy shallows make them ideal for water babies for all ages.


If you are fortunate enough to have spent countless hours at the beach, either on the sand or in the water the favorite days are the ones that combine a little bit of both. Now that summer’s (finally!) upon us, you might be hitting the beach too. And while spending all day in the surf and sand can be a ton of fun, the beach also has some hidden health hazards. So, don’t forget to put on the sunscreen and drink lots of water.

The best part is that the beach itself is free to the public, and the top class beaches have restaurants, shops, live music, and great family-friendly nightlife.

Normally families enjoy sailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and skim-boarding, to name a few. But more leisurely pursuits exist, too, like kayaking or canoeing (often alongside dolphins and manatees).


Beach gives you the best of both worlds: relaxation under the sun or a day filled with adrenaline-pumping rides.

On the water, families can enjoy scuba, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, fishing, or whale/dolphin-watching tours.

European beach gets our vote for your summer getaway because of its serene beauty, powdery sand, clear blue waters, and local food.

On land, nowadays there are Segway rentals and leisurely bike tours besides the beach in many places.

Yay! In summer you can wear shorts and a T-shirt to go to the beach again. Outside work, everybody loves hanging out with her friends and in summer, spending time at the beach to soak up some rays on the beach chair. Please remember to bring your beach towel in summer too!

summeratthe beach


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