How to Save Money Whilst Traveling

If you want to travel cheaper, longer, and better, you need to make your money last on the road. Every penny adds up and even if you are only traveling for two weeks, it’s better to spend money on the activities and meals you want instead of giving it to banks or wasting it on unnecessary expenses. This blog is about how to make most of your money on the road, live well, and avoid costly mistakes!

Text and make calls while using Wifi where possible

Texting and calling abroad can easily add up, so turn off cellular data whenever possible. Some carriers charge 50 cents for each text sent when overseas and 20 cents per text received. (Take a look at your most recent group text message and you’ll see why avoiding these charges is important.)

Check in with your cell phone carrier about international text and calling charges before you leave so you know what additional costs might apply.

FaceTime audio, Skype calling, WhatsApp and Facebook or Messager are a few great ways to avoid costly additional charges. Always explore ways to protect your data as using public WiFi comes with risks too.


Travel in the Off-Season

While January is generally one of the cheapest months to travel, also consider the low season for your particular destination. That doesn’t mean just going to Costa Rica during the rainy months or Algarve when everything is shut down in winters. But if you’re considering a ski trip to Vermont, try for mud season thatis just after the peak season, but before the lush summer hiking weather begins. Or try for destinations south of the equator during their winter, when the climate might be cooler and damper—and thus, tickets will be cheaper.



Know how you’ll pay for things before you get there

If you’re traveling outside the country, call your bank and credit card company before you leave. Not only will that prevent fraud alerts and freezes to your accounts, but you’ll learn about any potential fees you might incur and can plan ahead.

Consider applying for a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. Avoid cash advances, for which you’ll be hit with high transaction and interest fees, at all costs.

You can avoid exchange fees altogether by using your debit card and withdrawing cash from an ATM. Try to use the local currency as much as possible.


Take Advantage of Cities with Free Museums and Walks

For museumgoers, the price of entry to institutions like Paris’ Louvre (15 Euros) and Chicago’s Field Museum (topping out at $36 for an all-access pass) can add up. Opt for cities where you can breeze in and out of museums without admission fees. Many museums like Berardo Collection Museum- Lisbon, National Museum- Copenhagen, Berlin Wall Memorial and the National Zoo are all free, as well many of the key museums in London, including the British Museum, National Gallery, and Tate Modern.

demnark national museum

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