Best Bars in Albufeira

As the most popular holiday resort in the Algarve, Albufeira has become famous for many reasons, but most notably for “the Strip”. Located on the south of Albufeira, Strip, in general, is simply packed with bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, and activity ticket vendors. The nightlife is situated around the ‘Montechoro’-strip. There are some bars filled with young people like Matt’s Bar, Reno’s, LaBamba, The Garage, Mambo, Patcha, Celebration, Wild&co.


In the mid-week times: Monday to Wednesday, it is not too busy over all, but some bars like Matt’s or LaBamba will be filled up after midnight, or 1 AM. All the bars at the strip have to stop at 4am, except some strip clubs, they go on until 6 or 7.
From Thursday to Sunday the strip is packed. There’s also one real nightclub with a capacity of about 1500, which is Kiss. Kiss is situated a few hundred meters from the Strip and is busy every night from around 3 am to 6-7am. Most days of the week there are British deejays playing, one or two days a week there are some ‘famous’ Dutch house-deejays spinning.


A huge variety of live music is played in the bars here like….

Matt’s bar – Rnb/hiphop/dnb/dubstep – mainly British, some Dutch.
LaBamba – Top40 charts – Mainly Portuguese and Dutch, less British
Reno’s – Top40 &dance – Mainly British
The Garage & Patcha bar – Garage/rnb/dance – Mainly  British
Wild&co – Mostly live music – a good mix of nationalities
Celebration – Dutch party music/dance – 90% Dutch, British could be refused entry.
Kiss Club – Depending on the theme – a good mix of nationalities; most of the days slightly more British.
Of course, there are more bars, but these are the most popular ones.


Albufeira’s, and possibly Portugal’s, the best-known club is actually several miles outside of town, about halfway to Vilamoura. Kadoc itself is vast accommodating up to 7,000 clubbers over 5 dance floors with a sub-tropical garden terrace outside.

People at a foam party at the Disco Kadoc, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal, Europa
People at a foam party at the Disco Kadoc, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal, Europa


For a slightly older and more diverse, relaxed crowd, or an environment suited for younger families, consider the Old Town nightlife as an alternative to The Strip. Visitors describe the nightlife quieter and more sophisticated than The Strip, but still being lively in character. Street performers and entertainment play until the early hours of the morning on the cobblestone streets. A train runs around town into the wee hours, making it easy to go between multiple restaurants and bars.


Another one is Piccadilly Cocktail Bar, a favorite bar of many tourists in Old Town. Staff hand out free shots regularly, and drink prices are very inexpensive. With friendly staff and a fun atmosphere, this is a great relaxed spot to watch the game and kick back with your friends in Albufeira.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star……. point me the nearest bar!

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