Dutch Culture

Whenever someone is from Holland they are associated with things like Amsterdam, Cheese, clogs, soft drugs, red light districts. But Holland is a lot more of this!


If something really is Dutch then it´s a Sinterklaas party! The real party is at the night from 5 December to 6 December evrey year. Sinterklaas is a white bearded man who arrived in our county 3 weeks before 5 December. He came in a boat. Children believe he comes from Spain. Sinterklaas gives children presents when they have been good all year round. Sinterklaas can´t give all the children presents all by himself, so he has Black Piets with him. (of course it’s the parents who give the children presents). Before leaving Holland on 6 December he gives the children a lot of presents on the 5th.

Since then, there has been a discussion about the role of Black Piet. Both in the Netherlands and internationally, there are people who believe that Zwarte Piet plays a subservient role that is a direct reference to colonial and slavery.


Wooden Shoes

Tourist’s belief that everyone in Holland wears wooden shoes called Clogs. Only a few people still wear them from the villages. It is a really popular souvenir that symbolises Hollanders. More than 20 years ago people wore them only in the villages.

wood shoes

Always an opinion

A Dutchman would like to give his or her opinions. That’s a Dutch habit. It does not matter if it is asked or unsolicited and whether enough knowledge has been gathered to give a well-meaning opinion but that runs in their blood. Dutch people are seen as people who don’t like to interfere with others. Sometimes are taken in a wrong way because people in other countries aren´t not use to unwanted opinions.

The weather

The weather is a subject in Holland and people talk about it all the time. They are not always happy with how our weather is as it can be depressing. Most of the time either it’s rainy, too cold or just snows. People only become happier and more positive only after the autumn, when the first sun-rays appear.

the weather


This is one of the most beautiful things in our country. Rich people don’t like to show their richness. Everyone likes to be like everyone else. Maybe that´s the reason that so many people have grey cars.

grey car


Sport has a really big place in their culture. Almost every Dutchman practices more than 1 sport. You can take any sport at school of your choice. Parents encourage their children to take sports since their childhood. It is normal to have a match at least once in a weekend.

Birthday Celebration

In many countries a birthday is a  big party with food, drinks, dance and music. Mostly in Holland people celebrate it completely different. They always congratulate each other. It does not matter if it is your neighbour, friend, parents or just someone you know. You shake hands and give them 3 kisses. People stay mostly until the party is over. The first round begins with a cup of tea together with a piece of cake/pie. The next round is with soft drinks or wine/beer. On the table is some bread with spreads or chips too. The Dutch people either shake hands when they depart or, in the case of women and closely known people, kiss each other three times on the cheek.

dutch culture

To sum it up, most traits of Dutch etiquette resemble those of the rest of the Western world, but there are several distinguishing national codes of behaviour that defines the country.

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