How to make a vlog on youtube in 10 steps!

  1. Start with a high-quality camera.Get a video camera with at least 720p quality to film with. People are more likely to subscribe to YouTubers that have high definition videos. You can also use your phone, in case something happen and you forgot your camera.achtergrond
  2. Get the right lighting and background. When you’re not vlogging in public or around the house, you should have a setting that you can always
  3. Don’t copy other vloggers! This is the most important thing be original.
  4. Have fun, and think of what you’re going to say.
  5. wat jerOnce you’ve finished your video, edit! Buy editing software or use iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. If you don’t edit, you’ll lose the professional feel of your video. You can look up plenty of tutorials on using your softwaremovie maker
  6. Start with a good username. Be original!
  7. As a vlogger, you’ll be expected to upload daily or every other day.Uploading as much as possible will make people want to subscribe, knowing that they’ll get to watch something new from you often. Now you’re on your way!
  8. Start Blogging. You can also get more YouTube viewers for your videos and improve your search results rankings while establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche at the same time.9.
  9. Keep Vlogging. Finally, keep up the good work! Most YouTube vloggers aren’t overnight sensations. Even the ones who seem to have come out of nowhere have usually been vlogging for some time. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t have a million viewers on YouTube after a single month of vloggingone million
  10. Keep your privacy! You don’t have to share everything on youtube. Keep things as family or friends outside!privycCheck it out here:  and book directly on the website!mgmlogo

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