6 Reasons to Visit Scotland

1. Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands are known for their beauty, splendor and marvelous scenic surroundings. If you are looking for the perfect photo shoot destination, look nowhere because this is the most magical place to take gorgeous photos and videos.

The best tours are those that you can take to Ben Nevis (highest point in the UK), do look for the Nessie monster (the cruise is stunning), visit Edinburgh (the capital city), the vibrant town of Glasgow, Fort William, there are so many stunning castles to see such as Inveraray castle, Sterling castle, Edinburgh castle etc where some are even free such as Kilchurn Castle. Before visiting the Island, stop at Oban (gateway to the islands) and enjoy a lovely evening strolling by the harbor.

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2. Nature Lover 

If you are a nature lover, then this is your real paradise! Explore and enjoy the various walking trails, glamping, backpacking, trekking, or simply sit by the mountains or the various rivers and lakes and take in the view. During the winter, the snow-capped mountains will enclose you in a delightful surrounding.

3. Winter getaway retreat

In Scotland, you can celebrate a real Christmas with snow! The sun is shining and the mountains are white. So if you look outside your window you can see this beautiful view of white blanket everywhere. Book your winter getaway retreat at our Muthu Newton Hotel which looks like a castle tucked away in the forest. An ideal retreat for you and your partner! Book here: www.muthuhotels.com

4. Sightseeing and local haggis

If you go to the local restaurant or shops you can try the real Scottish food, haggis is Scotland’s national dish, and an object of Scottish culinary fascination around the world. Shortbread is also really popular! Do not forget to try the fried mars bars, they are unique to Scotland and are incredible!

5. Christmas Markets & Shopping

Santa land in Edinburgh: Here you can find everything from food markets shops to elves workshops.

Glasgow Christmas market gives you a magical Christmas feeling. You can enjoy the various shopping and food stalls.

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