Visit Leiden!

Events in Leiden that can interest various age groups:

17 September

Leidse millday (for whole the family) 

This year this will take place on Sunday, September 17th from 10-17.

On this day the millers and assistant will open mills, open the doors of the mills and turn the winds with enough wind. A visit to these mills is a special feature for those interested. This way you can visit various types and types of mills on this day. Leiden counts two sawmills, two grain mills and five polder mills within its municipality limits.


23 September

Leidse art route! (for whole the family)

In 83 locations, visual arts can be seen in all kinds and sizes; from painting to ceramics, from photography to contemporary design, from sculptures to innovative art. The artists are present throughout the weekend to explain their work and of course it is also possible to buy artwork or to talk about a work on assignment.


All the year around in the weekends

Go food tour Leiden

A food tour with Go Food Tours Leiden is a guided culinary promenade with stops at carefully selected restaurants, bars, cafes and / or specialty stores. At the stops we sample delicious food and enjoy stories from enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a true passion for their profession. We season the walk with anecdotes from some of the exciting places we pass.


1.2.3 October!

3 October celebration

You’d better be prepared for Leiden’s biggest party of the year! On the 3rd of October, Leiden traditionally celebrates the Relief of Leiden. Basically, much of the city centre will be transformed into a huge funfair, you won’t have class (unless the 3rd is on a Saturday like this year) and there will be lots of things going on in town.


24 October

Exhibition Naturalis (for the whole family)

Naturalis is a museum entirely for animal knowledge. You will meet all kinds of live animals: snakes, spiders, frogs … But plants and minerals can also be poisonous. You can hold the animals!


Check it out here: and book directly on the website! Look at our website: or book directly with a call (+351) 289 249 928


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