The best souvenirs to give away (or keep) from a few countries


Cork accessories

Portugal is the world´s leading producer and exporter of cork, and it´s one of the largest industries in the country. More than a third of Portugal is forested by cork oak trees.



Footwear is one of Portugal’s main industries, with the country ranking among the world’s top exporters every year.


Fish has come to symbolise Portuguese cuisine, and canned fish is often a charming souvenir, especially for the retro designs of the packaging.



As one of the world’s major wine-producing countries, there is now much more than Madeira or Port Wine. Portugal conquers an impressive 11th place among the largest wine producers in the world.



Dutch sweets

Make a bag full of Dutch sweets; Dropjes, kaneel kussentjes, speculaas, boterkoek, stroopwafels etc. Buy so much as you want. When you are home and you wanted to buy it on the internet it is double the price!

Delft blue

From blue and white milk jugs and kitchen tiles to the little girl and boy poised for a kiss, these porcelain pieces are iconic symbols of the Netherlands.


Dutch cheese

Coming from a country rich in fertile farmland that’s perfect for dairy cows, it seems quite natural that the Dutch have a visible passion for good cheese. There so many flavours that there must be a flavour that you like.




Whisky requires zero explanation when it comes to the discussion of Scottish souvenirs, it´s a necessity.


A kilt

The kilt is one of the most recognisable traditional garments across the globe and, contrary to popular belief. This is one of the most original gifts from Scotland!



The Scottish woollens industry, with its high-quality  cashmere, lambswool, tweeds, and tartans, is up to the task of coping with the cold.


Tanjore Paintings

Dating back centuries, the Tanjore form of painting is intricate and rare. The vivid colours and glittering gold will remind you of all the temples and palaces you visited in India.


Authentic Indian Curry Powder

Sure, you will find many packaged ones where you come from. But none of them will come close to the aroma, freshness and taste of the ones you can buy in India. Get ready to be puzzled by the variety of curry powders available here!


Kutch Embroidered Cushions

The embroidery from the Kutch region of Gujarat is vibrant and detailed. These cushions will look vivacious against the backdrop of your monotone sofa back home.




Cuban rum might be stocked on the supermarket shelves at home, but it´s still worth bringing back the authentic stuff. Some brands to look out for are Santiago de Cuba Ariejo and Legendario Elixir de Cuba. Remember, if you´re bringing back more than 1 litre of spirits then you need to declare it at customers.


Coconut Monkeys
Coconut Monkeys are another one of Cuba´s national treasures. These little guys- hand-carved from coconuts – are on every street corner and cost around £3each. You can also collect rare coconut carvings of famous figures, such as Fidel Castro, while you´re there.



The national flower of Cuba is the Mariposa, also known as the white ginger or butterfly jasmine. This flower is native to India, but grows well in Cuba´s tropical climate. You can bring back a taste of Cuba by buying Mariposa lotion or perfume.




Hardly a secret, when it comes to fashion and style, Italy is one of the world’s leading countries. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, your trip to Italy can become the perfect occasion for revamping your wardrobe and surprise your friends with some elegant Italian gifts.

Pelle (Leather)

The Italian region of Tuscany is famous for the quality of its leather goods such as purses, bags, wallets, belts, gloves, and shoes. Something very classy for a gift from Italy, both for women and men, even though a little expensive, can be an artisan leather wallet.

Formaggio (Cheese)

Cheese, formaggio in Italian, is a perfect Italian souvenir, especially if you come across agriturismi like the lovely Archelao I visited in Sardinia or local producers, instead of the mass industrial cheese on the market.  It’s even common among Italians to send abroad to their relatives and friends the cheese from their region as Italian regional souvenirs.


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