Best time to visit Goa


Goa, the land of beaches, is the smallest state in India and yet, arguably, the biggest tourist destination of the country. There is hardly a list of best places to visit in India that doesn’t feature Goa at the very top. The beaches, the markets, the parties and the natural beauty of this land on the west coast of India are what mesmerize everyone. Goa became part of the hippie trail during the ’70s. Anjuna was the destination everyone headed to. Over the years though, Goa has become more hip than hippie. A blend of Portuguese and Indian influences, Goa’s unique history makes it a place much more than just beaches and parties.


History has recorded the Portuguese rule in Goa between 1510 and 1961 in various shades and slants. But what is the true legacy of the 451 years of Portuguese rule over this tiny territory on the Indian west coast?


Streets took a look back at history and consulted contemporary historians and common folk, troche some of whom lived in Goa before the Portuguese left in 1961.

The best time to be in Goa is during Christmas and New Year for an experience like never before. New Year Parties in Goa are everywhere. There is singing, dancing, eating, partying and so much more. The whole of Goa is lit up as New Year approaches, all the churches, the beaches looking beautiful as ever. During New Year, the day can be over, the sun can be set but the party never ends.

Goa is the most happening place throughout the year but on New Year it’s something special. The beautiful sky, the cool and calm ocean along with the palm trees give Goa a perfect advantage to host night parties which sees a lot of people who love partying all night long.


There is no place that will serve you the seafood as they do in Goa. Nothing can beat the fish curry rice of the hotels and small shacks of Goa. It is unbelievably delicious.

Food at Sharda restaurant in Bambolim

If you love seafood then Goa is the place you need to be in with mouthwatering prawns, sear fish or sardines and much more. If you are a food lover, Goa is the place to be.


The average minimum and maximum temperature of Goa is as given below. The best time to visit Goa is also specified.


January 19 32
February 20 32
March 23 32
April 25 33
May 27 33
June 25 31
July 24 29
August 24 29
September 24 29
October 24 31
November 22 33
December 21 32

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