January -The Best Month to Travel

“January is far and away the cheapest month of the year to book air travel”, according to Skyscanner — one of the best travel apps in existence for finding cheap flight deals.

So, Let’s enjoy that time again! The time of changing leaves, snuggly clothes, days getting shorter and packing away the travel stuff!

Luckily, traveling in Europe in winter and the shoulder seasons or off-season travel months from September to April turned out to be fantastic! It is even said so far that the best time to visit Europe is winter.

Travelling in autumn and winter in Europe is generally always going to be cheaper, and this just made it even better!


You can pick up cheap flights for city break weekends away. It’s the perfect time to explore a city in just a few days. There are plenty of guides out there on how to see a city in a short amount of time, like 24 hours in Krakow or one day in Copenhagen, so get the cheap flights and get exploring during the best time of year to visit Europe!


According to the survey, plane tickets sold over the past two Januarys reveals that domestic flights are, on average, 16% cheaper than they are the rest of the year. International travel is an even better deal, as flight historically drops an ear-popping 36%. The prices drop most dramatically during the first two weeks of the year, so if you’re planning spring break or a big summer blowout, you’re best served to book as soon as you can after the ball drops.

But it’s a limited window. Airfares begin to inch up towards the end of January, peaking in March when they’re actually far ABOVE average, at 13% for domestic flights and 56% for international. So buy now for travel later. “It’s best to look ahead and start planning now to see the biggest savings,” said Skyscanner spokeswoman Randi Wolfson.  As for the international flights this year, flights to Shanghai will be down 30%. Learning to surf is always an admirable goal, and you’re just a short train ride from one of Europe’s top spots in Porto after a cheap flight to Lisbon that is down 32%.


If you are looking for International travel this time of the year, there are many places worth visiting in January that have a dramatic drop in prices.

1. Delhi, India — (42%)
2. Cartagena, Colombia — (35%)
3. Copenhagen, Denmark — (34%)
4. Morelia, Mexico — (33%)
5. Lisbon, Portugal — (32%)
6. Stockholm, Sweden — (31%)
7. Shanghai, China — (30%)
8. San Pedro Sula, Honduras — (29%)
9. Oranjestad, Aruba — (29%)
10. Moscow, Russia — (29%)


If one of the above destinations inspires you, you can get alerts to when prices drop by downloading the Hopper app, typing in your desired dates and destinations, then waiting for the magic to happen. Other ways to get great deals is if you’ve got flexible travel dates and destinations, you can also go into Skyscanner, select the “cheapest month” and “search anywhere features” and they’ll find the best deals from your home airport.


Let 2018 year to be your best you. So cheer up! January is going to be the month where you set your grand plan for 2018 in motion, and finally get out and do all that stuff you always regret not doing in December. With the cheapest flights of the year at your disposal, there’s reason to get excited about January.


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