CUBA – It Is Havana this Time!

Cuba has been broached about frequently in history that is well known, but without Havana, Cuba would be missing its heart. The first stop in Cuba for the majority of visitors, Havana as a city really sums up where Cuba is right now, stuck in the past but trying to push forward into a city of the present and future. Havana is appropriately a vibrant and colorful capital destination for travelers.

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Havana is a place not to miss in your travel diaries. Old, authentic and colonial fortifications are scattered throughout the old town of Havana La Habana Vieja, from vintage cars to deprivation and rugged looking streets. You’ll come across perishing buildings, locals who chat away with neighbours and the odd group of Cuban kids playing football. Novelty exists here as well as the reality too. Havana is the perfect eye opener how far away Cuba feels from the rest of the world.

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You cannot resist wandering down the most lively main pedestrian thoroughfare,  where you’ll find avid bars, cigar shops, novelty stores, food vendors, ATM’s and more.  Especially during the evenings, Cubans with their friends and families all hang out in streets, with music, dancing and drinking. The magnificent Havana’s Carnival can be witnessed in early August. However regardless of the season, Havana is the leading cultural center of the Cuba Island.


For history buffs, Havana is essential. Not only does it still look mostly like it was in the 1950’s, there is also a selection of museums, buildings and monuments that both tell of Havana’s past and present persona.

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Havana is the heartbeat of Cuba, so you know it’ll be a great place to indulge. It’s not incorrect to say that there are more Mojito’s served on any day in Havana than perhaps in any other city in the world. The birthplace of this famed and refreshing cocktail is known to be Havana’s very own  typical restaurant- bar La Bodeguita del Medio.


Perhaps Cuba’s best spot for nightlife, Havana has many areas to eat, drink and of course, dance. Eating in Havana can be varied. You can easily experience the extremes from eating cheap at a hole-in-the-wall in Centro Havana to being treated with luxurious options in a fine Cuban restaurant.


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