12 Tips to Improve Your Airport Experience…

Travel is one of the most amazing experiences in life but crossing airports can be a stressful exercise. Check out our tips and make your travel smoother.

Prior to Airport Arrival

1. Ensure all the required documents are handy when you travel to the Airport. If possible keep a digital copy of all documents stored in cloud;


2. Pack your laptop in an accessible place in your bag as you must remove it for security check;

3. Pack your medication and one change of clothes in your carry on baggage in case your baggage is lost or delayed on arrival;


4. Charge your mobile devices and don’t forget your power bank and your own headphones. This will give you a bit more entertainment in flight;


5. Avoid airport parking by using public transports. Major airports are normally very well linked to the public transport system; you’ll save money and have a smoother, stress free journey;

6. Snack on board are limited and more expensive than when purchased out of airport. Bring your own snacks with you;

7. Check in online and save time at the airport.

At Airport

8. Use the bag drop counter for checked baggage. These queues are normally quicker than the check in queues;

9. Excess baggage can be expensive at the airport. If you exceed one or two kilos, save money by wearing the most heavy items;

10. Make a mark in your checked in baggage – stickers or a simple lace – this will help you to easy identify on the baggage carousel on arrival;


11. Pay attention to the information monitors as some of the airports do not use the PA announcements;


12. Pay for airport lounges on long stopovers. This will allow you to freshen up, have some snacks and rest in a more relaxing ambiance;


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