Winter Long Stay Holidays

Are you tired of the short, cold winter days of Northern Europe? This is the perfect excuse to spend a few weeks holiday in the south, taking advantage of a Mediterranean climate and with the certainty that no matter how cold it will be, it will certainly have many sunny days and a milder temperature than at your home place!

Southern European destinations such as the Algarve or Madeira in Portugal or Tenerife in the Canaries are popularly known for their beaches and constant entertainment during the hot summer months. However there are also destinations where the sun exposure is quite pronounced practically during all the year and where you will always find a lot of activities available.

We leave here some advantages in replacing the northern cold by an extended holiday in the south:

1. Pay less and stay longer.

In low season you will find the best accommodation prices available. Many hotels offer special long stay holiday packages at a price that you will surely compare to your heating costs during the cold period – doesn’t sound like enjoying a good holiday?

2. Get to know the best of local heritage and gastronomy

This is certainly a good reason to spend a few weeks’ vacation abroad and have the opportunity to experience the best attractions, monuments and gastronomy without having to deal with an immense crowd of tourists.

3. Rent a car and start discovering!

As with the accommodation, car rental prices are a lot cheaper, which will give you greater flexibility and ease to start the discovery.

4. Share quality time with friends or family

Traveling in small (or large) groups of friends, you can not only share good holidays but also feel “closer to home”.


Visit and check out our special offers for long stays at one of our sun destinations. We have the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday in self-catering or all-inclusive apartment hotel.

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