The Christmas Gifts…

With festivals comes a very exciting tradition to open their gifts on Christmas Eve, after the midnight mass; some do it on the Christmas morning – this is especially significant for the kids which have the opportunity to unwrap the gifts left by Santa Claus during the night. There are also other traditions in which one gift is opened on Christmas Eve and the others on the 6th of January in remembrance of Magi who offers to Jesus.

Opening a gift is always a moment of excitement, be it expensive or cheap, large or small, enjoy this moment to celebrate Christmas as a family and don’t forget the traditional Christmas gifts:

  • Christmas Sweater
  • Socks
  • Pajama
  • Chocolate Box
  • Mug

Amidst the beautiful decorations of houses, offering prayers as a family, munching on savories the Christmas celebrations are incomplete without the memorable gifts for friends and family.

Celebrate Christmas at one of MGM Muthu Hotels in Portugal, Spain, England or Scotland. Visit our website and find out further details on our Christmas or New Year Breaks.

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