Christmas: The Beginning & Christmas Tree

During the first 3 centuries of Christianity, the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. The religious celebrations were based on Epiphany on January 6, commemorating the arrival of the Magi after the birth of Jesus and the Passover, celebrating its resurrection.

The earliest record on the celebration of Christmas comes from the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (the first Christian Roman Emperor) in the year 336. A few years later, Pope Julius officially instituted December 25 as Christmas Day – The day of Jesus’ birth.

As we know the Germans have the credit of having started with the tradition of decorating trees during Christmas. Devout Christians brought home the tree or made wooden pyramids if the wood was sparse and decorated with candles and evergreens.

The Christmas tree is full of symbolism: The Evergreen tree is a symbol of everlasting life and light; blue and white represent the snow and winter; red the blood of Jesus the Savior and the Star represents the Star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Wise Men to the stable where Jesus was born.

The most popular decoration items are candles, garlands, roping, Swags, Ribbons, Poinsettias and other Christmas tree ornaments.

With the evolution of the times it is acceptable new decoration trends and color schemes such as:

  • Silver, Blue and White
  • Red, Green and Gold
  • Red, Green and White
  • Burgundy, Green and Gold
  • Pink, Green and White
  • Red, White and Gold
  • Riotous Multi-Colors

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