Beach Essential Summer Kit

Whether you’re headed on a day trip to the beach at one of our sunny destinations  or living the dream spending your summer working ocean side, a properly stocked beach bag is key to maximizing your time in the sun and sand.

The Bag

Every beach trip needs a generously sized carry-all, which is why finding an extra cute one is essential. Good beach bag are one made of sailcloth, plus it’s lightweight and water resistant, making it the perfect beach companion. 

Beach hat

Keeping a hat In your bag is a cardinal rule when it comes to the subject of sun protection. It can protect your scalp and cut down on the rays that are hitting on your face and neck.


When it comes to pretty much any outdoor trip, sunglasses are an obvious requirement. Pack an inexpensive pair (something under $20) so that your more expensive everyday sunnies don’t get scratched or lost in the ocean. 

Water resistant phone pouch

Between the water, sand and sun, the beach is filled with things that can damage your phone. Water resistant pouch is a lifesaver. It will keep your phone crazy protected with the headphone or speaker connectors.

Phone battery extender

The beach is not nearly as fun if you can’t blast your tunes from your phone or-let’s be honest-post fun summer photos to Instagram. An inexpensive battery extender acts as an outlet and will provide some boost to your phone’s battery life when you find yourself far from your charger. 

Reading material

Improve your tan and your mind… With so many distractions, short articles are much easier to conquer at the beach, which is why magazines are a beach favourite. This summer, try picking up something a little more inspirational like Atom. It’s filled with little tips and short advice articles that will leave you excited on the inside out


We’ve all been taught the importance of sunscreen from a young age, which is why protection from harsh rays is a must. According to, 80% of skin cancer is found on the nose, so don’t forget to apply to this sensitive sunburn spot when lathering up. Use a sunscreen stick to spot-apply.

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