Enjoy your Holidays Abroad

1. Choose a different destination every year

Take advantage of airline promotions or search destinations from your nearest airport. This is a valuable help in deciding the destination to choose this year! There are endless beautiful destinations to visit and get amazed with, So get choosing yours for this year.

2. Pack properly

Find out more about your holiday destination and bring proper clothing! You do not need to bring the entire wardrobe, just the indispensable minimum for your vacation. Avoid bringing new shoes because your feet may not like it very much, especially if you have to walk a lot. Choose clothes that dispense to be starched and do not forget to bring a backpack with a change of clothes in case of delay of your luggage.

3. Be prepared for any eventuality

Even preparing your trip in time, there is always something that can happen. Do not forget to scan your identification and travel documents and store them in the cloud, so you can access them if you miss the originals. Subscribe to travel insurance and learn how to operate it if necessary. Keep telephone contacts of the consular services closest to your destination country with you. Tell a relative about your travel plans.

4. Travel with an open mind

Leave your home open-minded to new experiences and realities. Note that not everything can be the same as our countries of origin, which is not to say that it is not a fantastic experience. Let yourself be carried away by adventure and do not be continually comparing house vs vacation! Make this analysis on your way back.

5. Interact with local people

This is perhaps one of the privileged means to know the culture and customs of a country! Learn in advance a few phrases in the local language, which will be an excellent way of interaction.

6. Do as locals do!

Try out what the locals do. Run away for a moment from the tourist centres and get to know the shops and cafes, take the bus, buy at the local markets, learn more about customs and traditions.

7. Explore local food

A pleasure to eat is one of the characteristics common to almost every country in the world. Each destination has its typical gastronomy, explore it. Eat street food, visit typical restaurants (outside tour circuits), and buy local ingredients to recreate your favourite recipes at home! Undoubtedly the local cuisine will be one of the best memories you will bring of your vacation!

8. Use technology but not too much

Your smartphone may be your best companion, but do not abuse it on vacation! Use it reasonably to communicate with your family, to access local maps and guides, to take some photos and update your social networks once a day. But at the end of the day spend more time enjoying each moment of your trip, visiting, exploring and enjoying new experiences.

9. Local Souvenirs?

If you enjoy collecting or offering souvenirs, keep in mind if you are buying something typical or buy an item made in China also for sale at any other destination. Help local communities by purchasing official crafts and take home a unique piece.

10. Send Postcards.

Send postcards of the places you are visiting you and your friends. This is a great souvenir and will be a conversation topic in the future.

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