7 Tips to live like a local on your next vacations!

Book a longer stay

Perhaps a few days in a hotel with your family may seem enough to rest and recharge your batteries before returning to your daily routine.
But if you want to explore your destination correctly, without being stuck to a tight schedule to complete your tourist checklist, then you definitely should consider extending your stay!

Choose apartments over hotel rooms

Search for hotels that offer special rates for extended stays; choose the midseason where prices are reasonable and where you will find fewer tourist concentrations and enjoy a vibrant and relaxing vacation!

Make yourself feel at home during your holidays!

While baggage allowance may be a constraint, but be sure to bring your favourite pillow or pyjamas, your children’s favourite toys, or that family photo frame.

Shop at the local grocery store or market

Visiting a local shop is perhaps one of the most excellent ways to learn about local habits and products. Avoid supermarkets that offer the same products you find on a large surface in your city!

Ask about local produce, get to know different types of bread, cheese, wines, jams and other traditional products.

Read local news

While having a coffee leaf through a local newspaper, see what is happening in the country and listen to the opinion of locals about this or that news!).

Eat local food

A pleasure to eat is one of the characteristics common to almost every country in the world. Each destination has its typical gastronomy, explore it. Eat street food, visit typical restaurants (outside touristic circuits), and buy local ingredients to recreate your favourite recipes at home! Undoubtedly the local cuisine will be one of the best memories you will bring of your vacation!

Speak the language

Speak a little of the local language is perhaps one of the privileged means to know the culture and customs of a country! Learn in advance a few phrases in the local language, which will be an excellent way of interaction.

Say no to the car!

A great way to get to know the area is by getting out of the car! Go hiking, get to know the neighbourhood! Use public transport and enjoy the view along the way. Stop by the way for lunch or coffee!

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