5 Reasons to Visit the Algarve During Winter!

Winter can be very depressing and cold in the northern countries of Europe, but in the south, the climate is quite different and the winters are more welcoming and lively.

Here are some of the reasons why you should exchange the northern cold for the mild climate of the Algarve and spend part of your winter holidays abroad.

1. Climate

Algarve is one of the regions with the sunniest days! With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the lowest temperatures recorded are in December and January (average Low 10ºC / High 15ºC)

2. Cost-Effective Holidays

Since winter is low season in the Algarve, accommodation prices are much lower than during the mid or high season, much demanded by most tourists. Thus, you stay for much longer, paying the same amount. Visit www.muthuhotels.com to see our special packages for stays longer than 21 days.

3. More freedom to explore the region

As with accommodation, the cost of a car hire is also very cheap. Rent a car and set off to discover the region. The Algarve has excellent connections with Lisbon, Spain and major local cities via modern highways.

4. Save on flights!

Faro Airport has air connections to the most popular airports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. During winter, take advantage of the lowest fares through the many low-cost airlines available!

5. Try the best of the region without crowds!

Enjoy the best experiences without the tourist crowds, typical of the high season! Enjoy the gastronomy, the monuments, the points of interest, the golf and all that the Algarve has to offer.

Book your winter long stay vacation now:

  1. Choose the most convenient month and book your stay at www.muthuhotels.com
  2. Book flights early to take advantage of lower fares
  3. Search for special offers and rent a car
  4. Checklist activities and points of interest

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