7 Tips for Best Staff Christmas Party

The festive season is coming, and it’s time to plan your Staff Christmas Party! No matter the size of your business or the number of employees – the recipe for the Best Christmas Party is always the same. 

Keep in mind that this is the time when your entire team comes together to socialize, have fun, increase company culture to connect more with a higher team spirit. 

It is also time for the team to be acknowledged for their effort throughout the year and to motivate them to start a new year.

7 Simple Steps to plan your Staff Christmas Party:

1. Pick a Date and Search for Venues.

Choose a date that suits everyone. Remember that the best slots are the busiest and quickly unavailable. Do not schedule too close to Christmas Day as many people travel during the season and you will not want to exclude any members of your staff.

2. Choose a theme for your party

Choosing a theme will increase the excitement of the whole team. Choose something easy for everyone to use and encourage them to dress accordingly.

3. Choose the Menu

The menu should be suitable for all tastes, considering the limitations and preferences of each employee. For larger groups consider the buffet as it allows people to eat at their own pace.

4. Make a seating plan

Take this opportunity to bring people together. You might want to allow teams to mingle with other departments to deepen relationships, or to put that shy employee with a more outgoing one. Or even that department head with that operational team. 

This point only makes sense if you bring a relational added value among your team. If not, skip this step and let the groups come together on their own.

5. Include games and activities

Schedule some events at night. Games and activities are an excellent method of competition and keep teams together. Make different teams of half a dozen people so they can interact with each other.

6. Allow time for socialization

Leave time off at the party lineup so people can socialize and talk as this should be the primary purpose of the party. Take the opportunity to allow interaction between company leaders and their employees. 

This socialization is an excellent way to break down barriers, encourage team collaboration and build friendships.

Please do not spoil the moment by introducing business conversations during this period. No one will enjoy the rest of the night if reminded of the deadlines during the Christmas party.

7. Don’t forget the Entertainment

Whatever your preference is, be sure to choose a band or a DJ to entertain the team after the dinner and the official program. Good dancing will allow the right mood and excitement to continue until the end of the night.

Muthu Hotels Party & Events Venues

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