Highland COO’s our VIP Friends at Muthu Newton Hotel

Our lovely residential three Scottish COO’s Isla, Skye and Iona have been a part of Newton since March 2017 as Newton has historically hosted highland coo’s for over 25 years, so here at Muthu Newton Hotels Isla, Skye and Iona were born and bred in the Highlands, where they developed their thick coats in response to the harsh conditions of Highlands!

Their admirable long curvy horns and teddy-bear appearance makes them highly photogenic, so why not get a few clicks with them to carry with you!

They will undoubtedly win your hearts with their charming traits. We all love them, so will you!

The Muthu Newton Hotel is standing in 21 acres of mature parkland and gardens in the Scottish Highland town of Nairn, majestically overlooking the Moray Firth and beyond to the Black Isle. 

Visit our website and explore Scotland with us!

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