7 Tips to Save during Christmas!

Christmas is almost here and with it the extra expenses for gifts, decorations and other celebrations. Follow some of our advice to save money this season without harming the festivity!


1. There are two ways to save on Christmas decorations: Alternating the decorations you already have, using a colour combination one year and a different one the following year. Another way is buying the decorations after Christmas with discounts that can reach 70% in some stores and start saving money for the next Christmas.


2. If you plan to offer books, CDs or other non-seasonal products, take advantage of summer balances to do so. In addition to saving on your purchase, you can substantially reduce the amount you spend in December.

3. Take advantage of wrapping paper and paper bags from year to year, and you’ll not only saving but also helping to protect the environment. Another option is to take advantage of old newspapers and magazines, thus creating original gifts.

4. Offer gifts together! Whether you are joining with your family members to contribute to your parents’ gift or buying a single gift for your brother and brother-in-law, you will be saving.

5. Buy your gifts with cash! This way, you will be more aware of what you are spending and will manage your Christmas budget more efficiently.

6. If you prefer online shopping, try buying the most gifts in one store and save on shipping costs.

Christmas Food

7. Be aware of promotions in different supermarkets and consider purchasing some of the products in other than your usual. Competition and price war will always benefit the most attentive consumer.

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