Baby Shower

Baby Shower

A baby shower is a gift-giving ceremony and celebration of childbirth or the expected birth of a child.

Traditionally, showers are given only to the first child, and only women are allowed to attend, but this has been changing in recent years, and now co-workers and men are also allowed.

The main activities at baby showers include gift-giving and playing themed games, accompanied by cupcakes, tea and other snacks.

As the party focuses on gift-giving, the baby shower is usually organized by a close friend, not by a family member, as it may be considered rude for families to ask for gifts on behalf of their members.

The most common offers are related to babies and include diapers, blankets, baby bottles, clothes and toys. Gifts are usually opened during the party or through a gift opening game.

Muthu Clumber Park Hotel & Spa

Worksop – Nottighamshire!

Including a non alcoholic welcome drink, a gift for the parent to be
and Traditional Afternoon Tea

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