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Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk, England, located on the estuary of the River Orwell, about 66 miles north east of London.

Ipswich has been sought by an increasing number of tourists, ranking in 2020 the 14th place in the list of Top Emerging Destinations in the World by tripadvisor.

The Charming Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel

We have been open since the end of July 2020 and it has been an exciting start to the season with many of our regular guests returning back for a quiet lush getaway.

Close enough to the action but charmingly located in the countryside, Muthu Belstead Brook has been a popular destination for staycations.

 The Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel was built around a 16th Century hunting lodge, with extensive lawned gardens and its own exquisite restaurant and bar. 

The Manor Restaurant

The Manor Restaurant in the hotel is very popular with the locals, the restaurant has been preserved as it was originally used a hunting lodge, the restaurant uses locally sourced produce and authentic cooking with a warm service in a comfortable relaxing environment. The afternoon tea’s at Manor are particularly popular with the locals.

The centre of Ipswich is only 2 miles away, with shops, bars, and direct train links to London. Guests are within a 30-minute drive of many of the rural Suffolk’s picturesque villages.

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Top Attractions 

We selected the top attractions that cannot be missed during your stay us at Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel.


Photo by Keith Evans / Wolsey Theatre

Throughout the city, several cultural activities are available all year round for dance, theatre, concerts and exhibitions. It is good to keep a check for the latest shows in town by visiting https://allaboutipswich.com/

Ipswich Waterfront | 3 miles  

The Ipswich Waterfront is the area around the Ipswich dock at a bend of the River Orwell which has been used for trade since at least the 8th century.

Since 1999, this area has been developed and nowadays the Waterfront accommodates several activities and attractions such as The Jerwood Dance Centre, The Old Custom House, The University Campus Suffolk, Holy Trinity Church and a variety of restaurants and bars.

Ipswich Transport Museum | 4.3 miles 

The Ipswich Transport Museum is devoted principally to the history of transport and engineering objects made or used in its local area. The museum collection was commenced by the Ipswich Transport Preservation Group in 1965 and has been opened to the public since 1995.

Its collection of more than 100 large objects includes trams, trolley- and motor-buses from Ipswich Corporation Transport, the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company and other local operators; commercial vehicles; fire apparatus; mobile cranes; bicycles; biers; horse-drawn vehicles; prams; and wheelchairs.

The Ancient House | 2.5 miles 

Photo by CC BY-SA 2.0

The Ancient House, also known as Sparrows House, is dated to the 15th century and is located in the Buttermarket area. The building shows detailed pargeting, and elaborated wood carvings around the front of the house. Four panels of pargeting show a Tudor impression of the world.

The continents Africa, America, Asia and Europe are shown – lacking Australia which was not discovered at the time.

Christchurch Mansion | 3 miles 

Photo By Velvet – Own work

Christchurch Mansion, is a Tudor brick mansion house within Christchurch Park on the edge of the town centre of Ipswich. It is now owned by the town and since 1895 has formed one of the two principal venues of the Ipswich Corporation Museums. The mansion houses a collection of pottery and glass, a contemporary art gallery and a collection of paintings. There are rooms preserved as from past inhabitants and are completed with original items of fine clothing. The house sits within a 70 acres (28 ha) public park which features many beautiful trees, rolling lawns and ponds.

The Orwell Lady River Cruise | 2.9 miles 

Photo by Oxymoron / The “Orwell Lady”

The Orwell Lady is a purposely built river cruiser. It was built in 1979 and currently is operating across 13 miles of the river Orwell. The Orwell lady sails from Ipswich dock to the end of the Orwell at the Port of Felixstowe.

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