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The Algarve, for a long time, has ceased to be a destination catering exclusively for just the sun and the sea. Nature, leisure, sport and gastronomy, among others, have been decisive factors in the choice of the Algarve as a holiday destination by many tourists but also wine!

Over the past few years, Algarvian wine has had an exponential visibility due to its quality and the renewal of the wine estates in the region, with several dozens of labels currently available on the market, as well as the awards and recognitions received.

The excellent gastronomical offerings at the Algarve combined perfectly with the wide range of wines in the region is a delight for wine lovers: fish and seafood dishes with fresh white or rosé wine and meats with a velvety red wine.

Discover some of the Algarvian farms and experience the best that the Algarve has to offer:

Quinta do Barranco Longo

Located in Algoz, in the Algarve municipality of Silves, Quinta do Barranco Longo was founded in 2001. In a region in which wines had lost the recognition they deserved, history picked up where it had left off and, through the hard work of Rui Virgínia, a brand was created that has contributed to putting this sector back where it belongs.

Quinta dos Vales

Quinta dos Vales is located in Estombar, in the Algarve municipality of Lagoa and was founded as is today in 2007 by Karl Heinz Stock, a recently-retired banker and real estate developer who wanted to bring his 2 passions together, wine and art.

Quinta João Clara

João Clara is a project that was born in the 70s in Alcantarilha, Algarve and has had 3 generations since then. João Maria Alves is the name of its pioneer, but it was for João Clara that he was always known and that ended up also giving the name to the brand.

Monte da Casteleja – Algarve Organic Wines

To recreate the concept of “vin du producteur”, Monte da Casteleja combines new technologies with ancestral artistry, such as feet treading, maceration with stems and aging in wood vats.

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