Cayo Guillermo – The Hidden Paradise

Cayo Guillermo, home of pink flamingos, white sandy beaches, and the second-largest coral reef in the world is the perfect gateway for your next holiday plan. The American writer Ernest Hemingway was taken away by the mesmerizing beauty of this Caribbean island and described it in his novel ‘Island in the Stream’. It’s time for you to witness the beauty of this place with our all-inclusive offer. Enjoy the unlimited food and drinks in a wide array of restaurants.

There are many reasons why people call Cayo Guillermo a paradise. Let’s explore some unique things that you can enjoy on this island while staying in the best hotel in Cayo Guillermo.

The first and foremost attractions of the place that make people feel to be in a guaranteed paradisiacal atmosphere are its beaches. On the south coast, you can enjoy flora and fauna with astounding pink flamingos, pelicans, starfish and goldfish. But nothing can match the excitement when you meet dolphins at the shore.

There are 3 famous beaches in Cayo Guillermo:
• Playa Pilar is considered to be the best beach in Cuba. Here, you can relax on a white-sand beach bathed in turquoise blue water. 
• At the opposite end of Playa Pilar is Playa El Paso beach which is located east of Cayo Guillermo. It’s the longest and heaven-like beaches in the Caribbean.
• If you want to be with yourself then Playa del Medio is an exciting option for you. This beach is more isolated and less visited than the other beaches.

Water Activities:
Cayo Guillermo is one of the best destinations for water sports lovers. Here, you can try your hands on diving and snorkelling. It is an internationally recognized destination for observing the depth of the ocean by diving up to 30 meters.

  • The Coco Diving Center is famous for providing a unique diving experience. 
  • You can also go for deep-sea fishing to explore the large schools of tropical fish and crustaceans and also to witness the Atlantic reef, a coral barrier that extends for 400 km in the ocean, considered the second most important on the planet.
  • Another activity is a two-hour boat trip to enjoy the landscapes and beaches of this paradisiacal location.

Fun Activities:
This dolphinarium is an amazing place to enjoy with dolphins. Their admission fee is 5 USD for adults and 3 USD for children for visiting the place or accompanying a person who is swimming with the dolphins. Taking photos is allowed. The interaction and swimming program timings are 9:30 to 10:30 in the morning, and 1:30 and 2:30 in the afternoon.

They offer 3 programs:
• Swim with Dolphins – Adult 110 USD / Child 60 USD
• Interaction with dolphins in the water – Adult: 55 USD / Child 27 USD
• Interaction with dolphins from the platform – Adult 25 USD / Child 15 USD

Cuban Cigar:
Cigar and Cuba are synonymous. Think of Cuba and you obviously will think about the Cuban cigar. These cigars are famous for the tobacco that is grown in Cuba only. Cigar Bar is a cozy place to enjoy the authentic rum and tobacco products of Cuba. You can discover the quality and variety of Cuban brands in the cigar bar.

Cayo Guillermo has everything that you can imagine for your holidays. What are you waiting for; your next holiday destination is just a click away. Book now and avail of our exciting offers only at  

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